Ori Zohar


  • Ori is an entrepreneur with a background in brand building and customer acquisition. Prior to co-founding Sindeo, Ori worked in the advertising industry as a digital marketer and strategist for companies including Intel, MasterCard, Exxon

  • University of Maryland, College Park

About Ori Zohar

I feel very privileged to call myself a co-founder of Sindeo and so proud of all the work we do.

Nick and I met through mutual friends, and began talking about creating a better path to homeownership. We knew that there was a big opportunity and decided it was the right time to create a company that could reinventing the mortgage experience from the ground up. 

Before Sindeo, I was working at the big ad agencies. At McCann Erickson & Universal McCann, I developed marketing strategies for clients like MasterCard, Unilever, ExxonMobil. I also helped bring in $3 billion in billings from clients including Chrysler, Coca Cola, Applebee’s, Burberry, Dyson, and many more.

My journey as an entrepreneur started at age 15, with a business that’s too embarrassing to write about. My next endeavor was started as a junior in college. I had a cap and gown business, where I bought the academic gowns from graduating students, had them dry cleaned, and sold them back to the next class. The last stop before Sindeo was an ice cream company  that I started called Guerrilla Ice Cream. Our cart moved around New York City selling handcrafted flavors named for famous social movements that donated profits to charity. Guerrilla Ice Cream was mentioned in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, had celebrities attend our sold-out ice cream making classes, and was invited to Bobby Flay’s marquee event at the New York Food and Wine Festival.

I’m a world traveler, a semi-regular runner, and Tie Tuesday advocate.

I'm at Sindeo because:

We have the opportunity to have a meaningful positive impact on one the biggest financial decisions people make in their lives.