A Lawyer’s Laugh So Loud You Hear it Across the Office: Meet Sindeo’s Chief Legal Officer

BY Sindeo Team

It is “Be Kind to Lawyers Day” today. Some argue it should be “Lawyer Tolerance Day” but we’ll let Jobe (pronounced “joe-bee”) have his moment here.

He is Sindeo’s selfie-loving, globetrotting, “lunch is always at noon” go-to guy on all legal and compliance matters. He takes regulatory matters seriously, but doesn’t take himself seriously. His boisterous laugh is infectious; you can hear it through the glass walls that surround our conference rooms.

Jobe was one of Sindeo’s first hires in 2014, where he joined from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a new federal agency created by Congress after the financial crisis. The CFPB regulates all consumer financial products from mortgages to credit cards and student loans.

Jobe is Co-Chair of the SF Bar Association In-House committee and is a frequent speaker and moderator on industry panels.

Sindeo: Why did you go from a government agency to a start-up?

Jobe: I’m a lawyer, but with a public interest lens. Joining the CFPB was personal for me with its goal of protecting and educating consumers. When I met Nick (Sindeo’s Founder), I was sold on the vision of the company. It was a breath of fresh air to connect with a company trying to use technology, education, and service to really empower consumers in the most important financial decision of their lives. I was brought on to help the company address many of the challenges I saw consumers facing at the CFPB, so it was an easy transition.

Sindeo: What do you think of the Trump administration’s plan to restructure the CFPB?

Jobe: The CFPB was created to empower and protect consumers in the financial process. Regardless of what happens to the agency, I believe people need access to information and choice. Financial transactions, such as getting a home loan, are scary. People want and deserve to be treated fairly, and they need the right info so they can make informed decisions. We built Sindeo to strictly comply with laws and regulations governing mortgages; but more importantly, we built it with the consumer’s best interest in mind. We will continue that commitment to our clients, regardless of any potential governmental changes.

His favorite food is a 4×4 from In-and-Out Burger. Yes, that’s 4 patties.

Sindeo: What’s your best lawyer joke?

Jobe: I don’t have any lawyer jokes. There are so many negative stereotypes, but lawyers are not only advocates but really are bulwarks for the rule of law.

Sindeo: So you don’t break the rules?

Jobe: In order to practice law, you have to pass a moral character test.

Sindeo: So you never park in the red zone to pick up your dry cleaning?

Jobe: No!

(long pause)

Jobe: Okay, I have a joke. What’s the difference between accountants and lawyers?…….Accountants know they are boring.

Sindeo: Did you google that?

Jobe: Yes.

Sindeo: What do most people not know about you?

Jobe: I was born at home, on a small island in the Philippines with no running water or electricity. My three siblings and I slept on the floor until we moved to a bigger island with more basic amenities. We immigrated to the United States when I was 12.

Sindeo: How has that impacted your way of thinking?

It instilled in me a strong work ethic, a deep sense of gratitude, and an abiding empathy for those who are scraping by to make it. Since immigrating, I’ve been fortunate to have attended some of the most elite universities in the country – giving me access not only to networks and opportunities – but to the legal system. I learned that the law plays a critical role in spurring social change (e.g., civil rights movement), and that regulations – when done right – protect and help consumers.