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What’s the story?

"There has to be a better way to do this"

Nick and his wife, Alyson, started looking for their first home a few months before the arrival of their first baby.  Searching for homes online worked pretty well, but shopping for mortgages – not so much.

They asked friends about their mortgages and got a lot of different answers back.  A few said that they felt lucky and got a good deal, but many more felt differently. All felt that the process was horrible.  In the end, Nick and Alyson took the advice of their realtor and worked with a mortgage broker who helped get them into their house, but it was not until closing that they realized the crazy amount of money he made.

A few months later, Nick got a refi offer in the mail with a much better rate through a national bank, but getting it meant a painful two months of back and forth with terrible customer service at each step.  Two loans, two poor experiences… there just had to be a better way.

Partnering up

Before starting Sindeo, Ori’s experiences with the mortgage industry were through watching close friends and family go through it. He saw stacks of paperwork filled with jargon and a slow, offline process. For such a big and meaningful decision, few people felt they had a good experience or got a good deal.

With a background in marketing, Ori was searching for a way to apply his skills that would have a positive impact. Home ownership, and how we get there, has a meaningful and significant effect on the lives of the homeowners and their families.

Ori met Nick through mutual friends. They joined forces to create a company that would transform the home financing experience, and consequently reshape the way people will think and feel about their home ownership experience.

Sindeo is a Greek word that means “to connect.” We create connections throughout the mortgage process with our people and technology, to make the path home for everyone an easier one.

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